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Category Archives: Parenting

How to Stop Being a Helicopter Parent

I have spent time as a high school PE teacher, athletic trainer, friend and now counselor to some of the most interesting adolescents on the planet. I am fascinated how our experiences as we grow and develop during childhood shape us, and particularly how parents actions and expectations have a tremendous influence on the outcome of children. As a society, we spend a lot […]

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How to Successfully Weather Life Transitions as a Couple

Life has many transitions…births, deaths, marriages, children, empty nest, and the list goes on.  While these transitions are normal and expected, there are other transitions that are unplanned and more of a surprise, such as the loss of a job, unexpected moves, or trauma/tragedy.  Transitions can be stressful for any individual. However, going through transitions and adjustments as a married couple […]

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4 Fundamentals to Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

  Dr. Tabitha Johnson was recently featured on WJXT Channel 4’s Morning Show. The video is available below, as well as additional tips and information. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Managing parenting with your ex-spouse can be a challenge. But researchers have discovered that there are positive benefits for children when both parents can play active role in their children’s day-to-day lives […]

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Why Putting Kids First Can Kill Your Marriage

As a married couple, no one is as important as your spouse. But in America, once children come on the scene, spouses are quickly replaced in the priority line by children. We press pause on our soul mate, and bump them down the priority list for the next 18 years. It’s of little surprise that empty nesters have one of the biggest divorce rates […]

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3 Simple Reasons Why Back to School is Good for Mom

I recently asked a friend of mine when her kids started back to school. Her eyes got wide, and she eagerly replied, “Six days from now!” As soon as she said it, there was an expression of guilt that wiped across her face. I could tell…she felt guilty to be excited that her kids were returning back to school and […]

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Take a Stand Against School Bullying

I remember riding on the school bus in the fourth grade, getting popped in the back of my head with an automatic umbrella. Chris, a bully who was only one year my senior, would aim the umbrella behind my head, and press the button on the handle causing the bar of the umbrella to shoot forward, hitting me in the […]

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