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Direct and Simple Tips to Avoid Dating Failure

The world of dating is constantly evolving. It’s challenging, complicated and downright confusing. Some rules for dating are outdated but we’ve dug up five dating rules that still stand despite the new dating challenges of texting, Tinder & Bumble apps, and dating advice from reality TV and the Bachelorette. Every year conducts a singles in America study. In 2016, they […]

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Digital Distractions: 5 Signs Your Phone Is Killing Your Relationship

I’ll admit it…I’ve been on a romantic date with my husband, only to stop to post a photo on Instagram or Facebook about our dinner and how much I love him. And while I’m at it, let me just clear out those notifications. And go ahead and check email. Before I know it, five minutes has gone by and I’ve […]

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#RelationshipHelp: 5 Apps to Improve Your Relationship

Today I thought about how proud I am of my husband for working so hard and how sweet it was that he made dinner while I worked late yesterday. Then I wondered, will I remember to tell him that this evening when I get home after a long day? Will I remember to tell him while trying to make dinner […]

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