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Five Affordable & Thoughtful Gifts Everyone Will Love

Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful. While they can provide a great opportunity to connect with family and friends, there’s also a lot of pressure to attend more events, host holiday guests, pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list – all while keeping up with the demands of everyday life. Research suggests 84% of people find shopping for gifts stressful, even more so than the stress of holiday travel and family obligations. It can be enough to overwhelm even the most ambitious shoppers, so we’ve prepared a list of five thoughtful gifts for the important people in your life…so you have more time to sit back and enjoy the holiday festivities. Trust me, these gifts are so good, you won’t find these in the “re-gift” pile!

5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

  1. A favorite treat. What’s their favorite treat? – Did their grandmother used to make homemade peanut brittle when they were growing up? Have you heard them rave about an excellent cheese they tried on a recent business trip? Did you enjoy a nice coffee from a vacation spot that will bring back some warm memories? Do they have a favorite local jam from their hometown? Do some research. Ask their family. Learn how to make it or do some research on how to order it and have it shipped right to you.
  1. Something monogramed – A make-up bag, shaving kit, wallet, jewelry or coffee mug. Monograms add a fun touch with an extra dose of thoughtfulness.
  1. Make homemade gifts. Before you skip past this idea, hear me out. Even if you’re not crafty – Pinterest has a ton of great ideas (search “DIY gifts for husband/wife/coworker/mom/dad, etc”). My current personal favorite is a variation of map art. Find maps of places you’ve traveled together or places that are special to you – where you met, where you married and where you live – to create a sweet gift for your partner.
  1. “5 of my favorite things” gift. Choose 5 of your favorite things to share with your partner, family member or friend. You can also modify this gift into a gift giving tradition if you have a large family and typically draw names. Everyone chooses one of their favorite things, buys and wraps 5 of the same thing. At the Christmas party or family get-together each person draws 5 names and gives one of their gifts to each of those 5 people. Everyone will end up with 5 different gifts. It’s a fun way to share some of your favorite things with family, friends or co-workers and takes the stress out of having to choose multiple gifts. See below for some of our favorite combos:

-pretty ramekin bowls or jewelry dish, lip gloss, dry shampoo, candle

-leather notebook or calendar, aftershave, wine/craft beer, vintage tape measure or tool, letter opener, headphones

-coffee mug, coffee, wine, nuts, chocolate

  1. “Hunt it down” gifts – Thrift stores, antique stores and yard sales aren’t the typical go-to for holiday shopping but they are an untapped resource for some really unique and thoughtful gifts. Take your time browsing and see what you find. Does your wife like to entertain for coffee or host brunch? Try putting together an eclectic mix of antique tea cups and saucers for a pretty surprise. Wood and leather are often good go-to gift ideas for men. Try your luck at finding and old leather briefcase, duffel bag or shave kit.

Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping weigh you down, there is so much to enjoy about the holidays but it can be easy to focus on how much we have to do. When you start feeling overwhelmed – make a list, take a walk, do something you enjoy and then regroup. Don’t forget to check out our other article, Proactive Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season.

What are some of your favorite gift ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

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