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Keep that Loving Feeling Alive All Year Long

Valentine’s Day is long over. While it’s nice to have a day set aside to celebrate your love for your partner (hey, who doesn’t love a good celebration?), why not celebrate your love every day? There are plenty of ways to honor and celebrate your love daily that don’t involve fancy dinners or eating heart shaped chocolates.  Most people make a bigger effort to show more grace, patience and appreciation for their partner on holidays such as Valentine’s day, birthdays, or anniversaries, but who says those efforts have to be reserved for a few special days a year? Below are four tips to keep that loving feeling alive all year long.

Communicate and show interest.

Take the time to check in with your partner. Something as simple as asking how their day was, listening and showing interest can help them feel supported. Communication is so important and something so many couples struggle with. Sometimes people let days go by without checking in with their partner and then small issues start to build and create distance and frustration. Keep your relationship connected and intimate by communicating with your partner. The more regularly you talk, the more comfortable you will feel talking about more difficult topics.

Make small loving gestures.

Chocolates and flowers are great, but a loving gesture can also be a text message to say “I’m thinking of you,” a sticky note on the mirror, picking up their dry cleaning or taking care of an errand they’ve been dreading. Try to incorporate these gestures into your daily routine – do your best to do one thing each day to show your partner you care.

Express appreciation.

In general, people have so much going on in their lives that it is easy to take their significant other for granted. Holidays are great moments to expressing appreciation, but I guarantee there is are opportunities every day to show appreciation to your partner. You make me laugh, thank you for helping with dinner, I had a great time with you this weekend, thank you for always being so dependable, you’re a great listener, thank you for being a hard worker – the list of possibilities is endless. Make an effort to express appreciation and gratitude to your partner throughout the week.

Take time to connect.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself, your partner and your relationship is make time for one another. Life is hectic and it can be easy to get distracted and lost in all the demands. Make your relationship a priority, even if it’s just having coffee in the morning together or talking for 20 minutes before bed. Plan at least one date night together each month. (Tip: check out our Three Powerful Rules for Date Night).

Try to bring some excitement into your daily lives together. Researchers have found that couples who experience a solid sense of commitment are more like to reap the benefits of high-quality relationships. Date nights help couples enjoy a sense of togetherness, better communication and  fun activities together – don’t save all those benefits for a birthday or anniversary!

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If you’re struggling with how to show your partner love or how to communicate with them, schedule an appointment for therapy now. We would love to help you reconnect and experience the happiness you deserve.

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