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Couples Therapy

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.
― Friedrich Nietzsche


Couple Posing Over White BackgroundGetting Back on Track

Every relationship has ups and downs, going through good phases and ones that aren’t so terrific. Sometimes, you need help to get back on track.

That’s why we’re here…to help you get out of the cycles that are causing the stress and tension and more into ones that make you both feel better about yourself and each other.

Couples therapy helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through marriage counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways.

When It’s Time to Seek Couples Therapy:

How do you know when you need couple therapy or if you can just “wait it out” for things to get better? It may be time for help when:

  • You and your partner are stuck on the same issues.
  • You and your partner are fighting more often.
  • You think or know one of you has had an affair or is thinking of having an affair.
  • One (or both) of you wants out of the relationship.
  • You start to wonder if you really love your partner any more or if your partner loves you.
  • Either of you thinks you are not having sex often enough or it isn’t fulfilling or fun.
  • Your fights are escalating and you’re afraid they will get out of control.
  • You feel like you can’t do or say anything right anymore without your partner getting angry, hurt or defensive.
  • You feel like you are walking on eggshells when your partner is around.
  • You can’t honestly communicate about what’s bothering you.
  • You would rather be alone than together.

Your Relationship Can Get Better…Much Better! 

Let us help you learn skills to…

  • Get past defensiveness
  • Abandon the anger and resentment…and rebuild trust
  • Strengthen your friendship
  • Deepen your love and connection
  • Be closer and more attentive to each other
  • Relight the fire in your sex life
  • And so much more!

Reach out today…let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier relationship.


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