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Three Simple Tips to Easily Combat Your Stress

We live in a world of high stress. High demands. Crisis. This chronic (ongoing) stress is extremely unhealthy and physically taxing on our bodies, causing problems with sexual desire, reproduction, and other intestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular issues. Learning how to comfort and self-soothe is one of the most beneficial things a person can do, as it helps us relax, rather than stay on […]

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6 Ways to Use Emotions and Improve Your Life

Love them or hate them, we all experience them. Constantly. Even when we don’t realize they’re there: Emotions are powerful forces in our lives, and all of us, from time to time, have a hard time navigating our relationship with them.  Some of us have gotten really good at ignoring them, or using all sorts of activities and/or substances to […]

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Does your Spouse Suffer from PTSD? Ways to Cope and Save your Marriage

My husband and I have become friends with our neighbors—the husband is a retired Navy Seal. The stories he can share are like something you’d see at the movies. Unfortunately, they are all too real. It amazes me that he can have such a great outlook on life, after facing so many disturbing events. As Veteran’s Day approaches and we […]

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Emotional Baggage & Marital Affairs

Hey everyone, I was recently interviewed by Francesca Di Meglio (@NewlywedsGuide) from for their “Will this marriage survive?” column. In this interview, I discuss a case study about how couples can survive an affair (don’t worry, names have been changed, and this is a combination of many couples’ stories, not one in particular). Happy reading! How to Get Past Emotional […]

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