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Why Did My Partner Have An Affair?

Your partner having an affair is a painful experience of betrayal. The road to repair is often long, emotionally draining, fraught with ups and downs, but can ultimately lead to healing. Often times, one of the first questions we hear a hurt partner ask, is “why?” There are many different types of affairs, each with their own reasons “why.” The goal […]

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Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair…and What to Do About It

Sometimes it is very clear that your spouse is cheating on you. You find lipstick on his collar, someone tells you they saw her with someone else in a hotel, the unexplainable credit card receipts, or you have that nasty gut feeling and the stories just aren’t lining up. However, there are also times when you wonder if your partner is […]

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The 7 Dreadful Actions: What Not To Do After an Affair

When the unthinkable happens, how do you respond? The most natural response is to just act on whatever feels good in the moment. There are many responses to discovering that your partner has cheated, and all of them feel valid in the moment. However, in the days and weeks after the discovery, some reactions hinder healing – whether the choice is […]

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