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Category Archives: Conflict

The Truth about Forgiveness…(and How to Do it)

We’ve all been there – wounded and reeling after being mistreated by someone in our lives. No one is immune to being wronged; it happens in every relationship, sometimes intentional, often not. When people walk into my office, they often bring up painful memories of injustices and times when they’ve felt wronged by the people they love the most. Inevitably, […]

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The Art of A Good and Effective Apology

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Apologizing: I think it’s safe to say that we all agree it’s a good thing. We know we need to do it when we’re wrong – we value “saying sorry” as the “right” thing to do. Actually putting it into practice? That is a whole other story. Why is that? For starters, I think the main reason is that the […]

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How Being Assertive Is Good For You

Just the other day my husband and I were out running errands when he saw a side of me that he isn’t used to seeing. For the most part in our relationship I am more passive and let him handle all of the “tough” situations. Well, on this day we were picking up something that I needed, that was very […]

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Do You Need Better Relationship Boundaries?

Do you struggle to make decisions, find yourself in dramatic or difficult relationships, or fear letting people down? Do you feel responsible for making people in your life happy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be struggling with creating and maintaining boundaries. A huge component of enjoying healthy, successful relationships is our ability to understand and […]

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Peaceful Politics in Marriage

Have you bought into the myth that couples must agree on everything? If you’ve been married for longer than, a week, you know that perfect agreement on all things, especially politics, isn’t realistic. Every couple has topics on which they just can’t see eye to eye. Perhaps you and your partner are on the same party lines, but disagree on […]

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