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6 Ways to Use Emotions and Improve Your Life

Love them or hate them, we all experience them. Constantly. Even when we don’t realize they’re there: Emotions are powerful forces in our lives, and all of us, from time to time, have a hard time navigating our relationship with them.  Some of us have gotten really good at ignoring them, or using all sorts of activities and/or substances to […]

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Do You Need Better Relationship Boundaries?

Do you struggle to make decisions, find yourself in dramatic or difficult relationships, or fear letting people down? Do you feel responsible for making people in your life happy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be struggling with creating and maintaining boundaries. A huge component of enjoying healthy, successful relationships is our ability to understand and […]

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5 Powerful Results of Expressing Gratitude

My son has been a terrible sleeper. Recently, he didn’t nap all day, and then cried for hours and hours during the night. The next morning at church I saw a woman holding a baby who was fast asleep despite all the lights, lively music and people. Then there was me. Tired, disheveled with unwashed hair, desperately patting, shushing and […]

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10 Questions to Instantly Improve Your Sex Life

Our culture is filled with images, TV shows, movies, songs, and other types of media that is hypersexual. We all know, sex sells. The media creates great sexual expectations—ones that inaccurately portray real life and real sex with real people within a real relationship. And although our culture is bombarded with sex and sexual images, most people aren’t having much sex. […]

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